At Shree Shivshakti Heaters, we pride ourselves on our innovative Ceramic Insulating Bricks, designed to revolutionize heating technology. Our unique style of Ceramic Insulating Bricks offers a multitude of benefits, ensuring superior performance and reliability in heating applications.
Enhanced Protection during Installation:

These bricks reduce the chances of damaging internal coils during installation onto the pipe, ensuring hassle-free setup and maintenance.

Interlocking Design for Structural Rigidity:
With the ability to interlock, our Ceramic Insulating Bricks provide a more rigid structure, minimizing the risk of damage to internal coils during transit and handling.
Excellent Dielectric Strength:
Our Ceramic Insulating Bricks exhibit exceptional dielectric strength even at high temperatures and voltages, guaranteeing reliable operation in demanding environments.
Optimized Heat Transfer Mechanism:
Our heaters transmit heat through both conduction and radiation, maximizing efficiency and performance. The element windings are meticulously designed to heat ceramic blocks, enabling efficient energy transfer into the barrel.
  • Ceramic Band Heaters are crafted from segmented ceramics, ensuring precision and performance.
  • Meticulous insulation lowers shroud temperatures while directing heat towards the barrel, minimizing energy wastage.
  • Resistance wire size is tailored to specific Volt and Wattage requirements as per wire manufacturers’ recommendations. Wire coil is intricately woven through ceramics, creating a sturdy bed determined by heater dimensions.
  • Bed is encased in robust S.S. 304 sheath, preceded by aluminum foil and insulation for enhanced efficiency. Element wire is securely terminated on a brass strip for easy lead wire extraction.
  • Brass strips are shielded within a ventilated terminal box, ensuring safety.
  • Convenient clamping device with Cap Screw mechanism ensures effortless tightening onto the barrel, promoting uniformity.
Our Ceramic Insulating Bricks represent a paradigm shift in heating technology, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. Trust Shree Shivshakti Heaters for precision heating solutions that exceed expectations.