We offer Jacket Ceramic Band Heaters designed to meet the most demanding heating requirements with precision and efficiency.
Ceramic Fibre
Available with 15mm or 25mm thick ceramic fibre insulation blankets, ensuring optimal heat retention and energy conservation.
High Operating Temperatures:
Engineered for higher operating temperatures, these heaters maximize energy efficiency while maintaining superior performance.
SS Sheathing with Extra Power Saving Options:
Crafted with stainless steel (SS) sheathing, our heaters incorporate extra power-saving options, enhancing durability and efficiency.
Energy Saving
Save up to 25% energy with improved heating efficiency, reducing operational costs without compromising performance.
Special High Grade Steatite Insulators:
Utilizing high-grade steatite insulators, these heaters offer superior thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat transfer.
Designed for High Temperatures:
Capable of operating at temperatures up to 650ºC, these heaters provide reliable performance in demanding environments.
With our Jacket Ceramic Band Heaters, experience unparalleled heating performance, energy efficiency, and durability for your industrial applications. Trust Shivshakti heaters for advanced heating solutions tailored to your needs.